Racing Simulators - Specs

SHOCKWAVE 5 DOF motion platform

Available for any type of vehicle

Fully programmable travel vibration: ‘Heave, Roll, Pitch, Yaw’

Adjustable high torque steering

Floor or top mounted pedals with fully adjustable force

Realistic cockpit and roll cage, same as customer’s real car

Dash and switch layouts to match customer requirements

Quick-release steering wheel

3 x 75” TVs with the highest refresh rate

3 x TV Stands

Focal distance corrected

Mounting provisions for customer supplied seat and seat belts

In-helmet sound

Adjustable heated shirt system with switchable helmet blower

Brake bias adjustor

Fire bottle trigger

Windshield with straps

Window net

Roll bar and door padding

Custom paint and wrap to customer specifications

Fully loaded computer with latest software and hardware

Preconfigured with Windows 10

All required wiring and cables

Requires 38 amps @ 120V AC

A Training Asset for All Genres of Auto Racing

NASCAR – Cup, Xfinity, Truck, and ARCA

Pro Late and Super Late Model (dirt and pavement)

Sprint Car (dirt and pavement)

Modified (dirt and pavement)

SCCA, TransAm, and IMSA